Friday 16 August 2013

more news!

for which I have been one of the production team


Anne Michaels and John Berger

with photographs by Tereza Stehlikova

available exclusively from the london review of books


FLACK is launched!

All the articles and artwork in FLACK magazine are by people with experience of homelessness. Homeless people in Cambridge are also involved as volunteers in production, design, distribution, marketing, administration research and editorial

What's inside our first issue?
Fantastic fashion feature involving members of FLACK, teasing crossword, seasonal recipe, powerful poetry, remembered friends, interview with Kerry Packham (pictured above) and how Cindy fell in love with a pair of shoes ... plus twelve pages of What's On listings for Cambridge.

Bargain at just £2 per copy.

Make sure you get your copy in the post at the beginning of every month
by subscribing here. Postage is free.
(I have been involved as a volunteer with Flack since the beginning two years ago)


MONDAY 10 OCTOBER BBC 4 9PM British Ceramics
This programme SHOULD include pictures and words from me in the Pavilion earlier this year (even at this late stage the Director, David Vincent, is not ABSOLUTELY certain!)


Kettle's Yard: FOUND
A Garage Sale

with a star-studded programme of artistic and literary events

17 - 22 May 2011
Tuesday-Saturday 10-6pm
Sunday 12-5pm

The Brompton Garage, 1 North Terrace, London, SW3 2BA
(Nearest Tube South Kensington)

A one-off sale of artworks, found objects, textiles, rugs, furniture and crafts will raise funds for the new education wing at Kettle's Yard. Artists, designers and collectors have donated work from their studios and attics. All work is on sale from £1 to £2,000 for six days only.

Includes a selection of my ceramics

about walking about 15th May

three of us who met at Winter School in Glasgow earlier this year are walking together apart today. In Portland, Oregon, U.S., London, England and Grantchester, England, Lilian Gael, Richard Layzell and material woman have synchronised their timepieces, gathered a companion or two and will be ready to go at 16.00 GMT
material woman is joined by Max Weaver Lavers and they will walk the circuit that links the key hiding places (numbered in red on the map) from her earlier IN THE DARK, looking for traces.

Womb to World

An exhibition of art inspired by birth at
Clare Hall Herschel Road Cambridge
7 may to late july 2011
enquiries to

includes elspeth owen's pregnancy calendars

Sid Peacock reisidency at Wooda Farm

sid and ruth gigging in the barn in March

stalwart of the bus station

on 10 march material woman performed This song is the Song in a photo booth in the Buchanan Street bus station in Glasgow, as part of the New Territories Winter School with Richard Layzell
This is to let you know of the outcome of my Aune Head Arts commission on Dartmoor last summer. Along with three other artists, all of us over 65, I was given the opportunity to make a sound piece for the EVA project. The result is a 15 minute piece called a setting for her words, made in collaboration with Penny Roberts. Full details of the project, including all artists, can be found at There are three ways to access a setting for her words: You can listen live on-line at between 11am and 12noon on 28 march 2013. A podcast of the programme is downloadable at If you would like a CD version to play on your sound system, I can send you one in return for £5.00 and your postal address. Below is a copy of the CD cover and sleeve note with details of technicalities and personnel material woman and elspeth owen look forward to your responses
here is a very simple idea for a walk Hop, Skip, Jump I walk to a friend (no more than a day's walk from me) and stay over, the two of us walk together (no more than a day's walk) to a third person, (unknown to me), we stay over and then the three of us walk (no more than a day's walk) to my place. It would also be possible to do a version which all happened in one day or two days, according to the time people have. I am starting my first version of this pattern today, walking east to a friend in Fulbourn, tomorrow to Hinxton and Sunday back home to Grantchester I would be delighted if you should you want to adopt this framework for a walk at any time and very interested to hear of your experience if you do material woman