Friday 3 April 2009

misha 4

Wednesday 1 April
Approaching the First Quarter

Tomorrow is the full first quarter. Last night I see her in the sky hanging clear. Approaching.
She is growing.
The Grass Moon.

I left a space, last week.
I made a space. I made a clearing in myself. A silence.
So much moving that I needed to get lost inside it all for a while.

It is uncomfortable.
The not knowing of something new.
The not knowing as something new taps you on the shoulder.
How will I recognize the thing I am looking for when I see it?
How will I know you when you call me?

I rush to meet life with vigor.
I am so full of passion it swims in my ears until I loose my balance.
I am so ready for the new time that I ache. And I am so impatient that I can kill everything.
I am so afraid of missing it. My life.
I create so much that I can’t see myself.



Birth is silent. She waits for no one.
She slips outside time.
And all of sudden, the invisible becomes visible.


It is all happening. The tides are in motion. We just need to be willing to open to the greater forces. The things that are so massive that they exist beyond… everything…. we … can…. Imagine….

Bless this new life.

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Unknown said...

potent piece of poetry! Rebecca Aird, Ottawa, Canad

Loved the image of impatience killing. it's so true, the violence of not allowing the moment to simply be. Thank you.
K.Linda Kivi, BC, Canada