Saturday 26 April 2014



24 hours between noon saturday and noon sunday 7/8 june

Imagine yourself tramping the land. You have a bivvy bag and it is getting dark. You must seek out a sleeping spot and make sufficient shelter for the night with what you find around you.
Over the week end in the woods we will imitate this situation - after some exploratory work with clay we will each search out a place to sleep in and make the simplest of shelters there. In the morning we will tell our tales.
This week end could interest you whether you like long distance walking or you just want to practice for sleeping under the stars at the bottom of the garden.

Elspeth Owen who will lead the workshop is a potter as well as a ramshackle traveller.

Bring warm waterproof clothes, a sleeping bag, a bivvy bag - and your wits  
£50.00 for one person
£90.00 for two
Places limited. Deposit of £15.00
to book a place or for further information contact filipa on 07525 626 507 or

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