Wednesday 25 February 2009


A multitude of responses so the ball is rolling.

"Today is also Losar, so Tashi Dalek...It is the year of the Female Earth Ox."
"I gave up sugar in my tea when I was at school and have never looked back."
". . . lenten lily may be a kind of hellebore"
"I need to start lent AFTER the pancake mini- Mardi Gras." . . .
"Lent is more about doing something positive than giving something up"
"I am a creature of habit, but I have raged against this in many ways over the years, but it is still with me . . . . . . . There are swathes of yellow crocuses here and there and the snowdrops are flowering. The air has a new softness, too."
"It chimes with the idea of Lent as a meditation in preparation for a significant event."

If you want to post something on this site as opposed to just commenting let me have yr email address and I can smooth the way.
I am a novice blogger so please be patient with any delays in yr thoughts appearing here!

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Anonymous said...

I am sitting with a big black cross on my forehead, the palm crosses were burnt, the ash mixed with oil and incense and here it is to remind me to be penitent and the remind me of my mortality. A good day in the end, not so busy doing the things I usually do, saw the lovely Breige tonight and thanked her for passing on the contact for this site. What does God want to do for me this Lent, I think give me more time for me.
To bed now. Eliz - wonder if we will see comments of others on this site