Tuesday 3 March 2009

seventh day

There has been a wonderful response to 40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS with brilliant ideas and many of you asking how we might proceed.

At the centre of my idea is the desire that we might keep in touch as Lent goes by,
in order to encourage each others' undertakings, whatever they are, and to report progress, setbacks etc. I have in mind that we could use the part of my website - www.elspethowen.net -called Daily Rounds, which is a blog, for this purpose:
either A you can post words and pictures there for all of us to see or B you can send words/images to me and I can put them on the blog. For A to happen I need you to email me requesting access to the blog; for B I need you to email giving me explicit permission to post your material on the website. (Once you give me permission I shall assume it covers everything you may send, so you must specify if you change your mind.) Obviously this form of communication only works if you WANT to use it. Otherwise the opportunities for interaction are ones between you and me individually via email, post or telephone.

Some of you have launched into your own schemes just as I was hoping. I myself am giving up SCRATCHING (I have developed a maddening scalp itch and urgently need to stop myself harming the skin by going at it with my fingers - such exquisite pleasure). Actually I am only giving up scratching my HEAD and I'm going to devote myself to scratching as many other SURFACES as possible. My plan is to make a collection of these scratchings as we go along through the wilderness.

Because this project embraces real and virtual ways and the real is always that much more to me, I would like to propose an actual get- together on Saturday 11 April at The Pavilion in Grantchester. This could be the occasion to mark the end of Lent and usher in SpringTime and to share our wilderness experiences.

But this is all a long way off (though less than 40 days!)

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